Posey Co. issues local emergency; requests all gyms, nail, hair shops to close

Posey Co. issues local emergency; requests all gyms, nail, hair shops to close

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Local governments are continuing to take precautionary measures against the virus.

Posey County officials have issued an emergency order that would temporarily close some businesses in the county.

They are urging people to stay home and do as much social distancing as they can.

Posey County leaders issued an order Friday that recommends all barbershops, beauty salons, nail salons, tanning facilities, tattoo parlors, gyms or fitness facilities, and bowling alleys be closed for seven days in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“I do think the people of Posey County have started to understand more, the importance of social distancing,” said Dr. Kyle Rapp, Posey Co. Health Officer. “I think as more information as to why that’s important is getting out, but definitely I feel that the county is doing what they can to this point. There have been definitely a noticeable decrease in social activities.”

One person affected by this emergency order is Dr. Dwayne Ackerman. He owns Ackerman Chiropractic and Fitness Center.

He has to close the gym for now but says he was doing his best to keep patrons safe even before Saturday.

“We’ll clean up the gym, spruce it up while we have the downtime, comply with the county, hopefully, do our part to keep it from spreading,” Dr. Ackerman said. “We haven’t had to take many new measures. If you look around, there’s antibacterial wipes, sanitary hand stuff. We encourage patrons when they walk in, to wash their hands first.”

Dr. Ackerman says his chiropractic office will remain open to patients as usual.

Posey County Emergency Order
Posey County Emergency Order (Source: Posey Co.)

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