Personal trainer surprises client with new wheelchair

Personal trainer surprises client with new wheelchair

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A local personal trainer taking on a challenge that changed her life, as well as her client’s life for the better.

Diana Holland, a personal trainer at Bob’s Gym, asked her boss for a new client, and that’s when Kendra Creek came into the picture.

“I go, ‘Tell me something about her,'" Holland said. "And he goes, ‘She doesn’t have any arms and legs’ - and I’m like what?’”

Starting at that moment, Holland and Creek’s relationship took off.

“Everything about Diana makes me want to be a better person," Creek said. "The way that she talks to people, engages with them and really cares about people.”

Holland has been helping Creek with much more than just personal fitness, so she decided it was time to get her client a “new ride."

“She comes in all the time with this jank chair and I always say, ‘Hey, that chair looks kind of old,'" Holland said. “She’s like, ‘Yeah it’s old,’ and I say, ‘You’re better than that chair.’”

Holland asked a few of her friends on Facebook if they would donate $10 each so she could buy a new chair for Creek, and a lot more money came in than she expected.

Creek says she’s thankful to have people in her life who are able to help each other find a way to smile - no matter what.

“Random strangers that people that I don’t even know are just so willing to help and be so loving and giving - it’s really an amazing feeling," Creek said.

“She’s brought out the best part of me, and I thank God that he put her in my path," Holland said.

Both women say they are looking forward to training together for years to come, and keeping their close friendship.

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