Henderson community reacts to first positive COVID-19 test

Henderson community reacts to first positive COVID-19 test

HENDERSON, KY. (WFIE) -Henderson city and county officials gathered to ease the minds of the public, after hearing about the first Henderson resident testing positive for COVID-19.

They held a press conference Thursday, saying they knew that one day the county would have a positive case, and now that it’s here, they expect the number to grow.

Henderson Mayor Steve Austin, tells us the city has been planning for this, and he wants to remind everyone to continue to practicing social distancing and hand hygiene.

Mayor Austin says this isn’t a time to panic, but it’s a time to take precautions seriously, and the community agrees.

One woman told us that stopping the spread of the virus can’t be done by one person it’s going to take all of us.

“For the family that is contained right now, quarantined, we’re just praying for them,” resident Stephanie Doyle said. "I just want the community to just be safe, we’re praying, and that together as a community, we can overcome all of this ".

The health department also spoke at the press conference, reminding people to continue to social distance themselves and to practice proper hygiene.

Henderson EMA announced their first responders received personal protective equipment, and they expect to get more soon. They also launched a new website, they hope this will keep the community informed.

“Similar to what the national dashboard looks like that shows the maps with all the infections, it similar to that, it also has links for a lot of other types of information that may come about but it’s strictly for Henderson County," EMA director Kenny Garrett said.

As of Thursday, there is only one person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in Henderson County.

Officials want to remind the community to stay calm when you see that number rise and continue doing all you can to keep yourself healthy.

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