Workers are facing unemployment following coronavirus closures

Workers are facing unemployment following coronavirus closures

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Layoffs are becoming more and more common as businesses close due to coronavirus.

Workers throughout the Tri-State are suddenly finding themselves without a paycheck.

“We had a feeling that things were gonna go away and that restaurants and bars were gonna be closing," Former Bartender, Lure Seafood and Grill Zach Henry said.

Lure Seafood and Grill is one of the thousands of restaurants and bars ordered to close by Governor Andy Beshear Monday.

“Instead of keeping us there trying to fight for carryout and delivery orders he just went ahead and sent us all home,” Henry said.

Zach who has worked at Lure for almost two years says his boss didn’t send employees home empty-handed.

“He made sure that we were all taken care of with food and made sure that we were going to be able to get unemployment so we weren’t standing around making any money,” Henry said.

With two weeks until he can collect unemployment, Zach says it’s stressful having to find a way to provide for his parents and pregnant girlfriend.

“Two-thirds of what I make, it’s not exactly where I need to be but it’s definitely gonna help," Henry said.

Concerns and fears aside, Zach says he understands his boss’s decision.

“I know a lot of restaurants are still open and stuff and I know a lot of their servers and bartenders are hurting, so I’m just thankful that I was a part of a company that shut down to make sure that all of their employees are taken care of," Henry said.

Zach says when all of this calms down, he's ready to get back to work.

“I miss all my friends at work. I hope that everybody I know gets to, you know, get back into the workforce and that everyone is okay afterward,” Henry said.

But in the meantime, Zach knows how he’s going to fill his time.

“Plan on playing a lot of video games, cooking some food, reading some books and just hanging out with my dog, my girlfriend, my mom and just getting that family time in that we sometimes lack in life,” Henry said.

Zach says his boss at Lure says he will be getting his job back once mandatory closures are lifted.

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