EVSC staying closed another 2 weeks, Ivy Tech, UE, USI online the rest of the semester

EVSC staying closed another 2 weeks, Ivy Tech, UE, USI online the rest of the semester

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, UE President Chris Pietruszkiewicz, USI President Ronald Rochon, Ivy Tech Chancellor Daniela Vidal, EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith and Catholic Diocese Superintendent Dr. Daryl Hagan held a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith announced the EVSC will remain closed for an additional two weeks, until April 13. Catholic Diocese Superintendent Dr. Hagan also announced a similar additional two-week closure.

No virtual learning assignments will be required during those two weeks.

Dr. Smith says the feeding program will continue at EVSC.

Schools have been closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“We’ve extended the closure through April the 10th," said Dr. Smith. "That still gives us six weeks of school. Our higher ed partners, they only have six weeks left. The other distinction is that they have their students on campus. So, they can’t have their students leave and come back in a six week period of time. Since our students live in our neighborhoods, I think people understand its a different dynamic. That’s why we have approached this in two-week increments. We’ll continue to monitor, and we’ll adjust if need be.”

We spoke with a parent about the extending closure Tuesday night.

“With me working in healthcare, with me not being able to take off from work. It’s very hard. It’s hard to find daycare and someone to watch them because everything is closing down," said Takeidra Beattie, an EVSC parent.

Officials from Ivy Tech, University of Evansville, and the University of Southern Indiana will do online classes only through the rest of the semester.

USI President Ronald Rochon says they are closing campus housing.

He says commencement will not be canceled, but it will be postponed.

“Our campus, like Evansville, is a community," said Dr. Rochon. "We care about each other. This community cares about its people and we are working hard to make sure everyone is safe.”

Dr. Rochon also announced campus buildings will remain open, but only to authorized personnel.

EVSC staying closed another 2 weeks

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