Tri-State jails taking coronavirus precautions

Tri-State jails taking coronavirus precautions

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Jails throughout the Tri-State are taking precautions by making restrictions, or even locking down, due to coronavirus concern.

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office says the jail is on lockdown.

Sheriff Bottoms confirms the lockdown is to take precaution against the coronavirus, which he says is due to Governor Holcomb’s orders.

The sheriff tells us no one is allowed to come in or out of the jail, including attorneys.

He says the sheriff’s office will be holding more meetings about the lockdown to figure out more details.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Wedding says the Vanderburgh County Jail has restricted access to non-essential people for a while.

He says they are trying to minimize contact from the public to their staff.

In Dubois County, Sheriff Tom Kleinhelter says they have stopped all outside programming and visitors, except for the probation department if need be.

The sheriff tells us they will take the temperatures of all new inmates.

He says they have also reorganized some cell blocks where they are keeping new inmates for 14 days before being placed with general population.

Henderson County Detention Center Jailer Amy Brady tells us they have closed their lobby to the public, and everyone is now screened by a medically trained employee for COVID-19 symptoms before being allowed access to the jail.

She says that all programs, classes and services, unless directed by a jail employee, are now temporarily suspended.

Attorneys and clergy are also being limited to non-contact visitation only.

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