Dine-in restaurants closing in KY; carry out, delivery options available

Dine-in restaurants closing in KY; carry out, delivery options available

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Governor Beshear announced on Monday that dine-in restaurants will close.

We have been talking to western Kentucky restaurant owners.

Businesses in downtown Henderson have already started posting messages on their front doors. One restaurant says they will move to carry out options only.

Four other restaurant owners in downtown Henderson say this move will be a big hit to their businesses.

Now those business owners tell us they’re quickly trying to adapt to the new restrictions. For example, Sidewalk Cafe, Rookies and Tacoholics are all moving to carry out service.

Rookies and Tacoholics will also provide delivery service.

These owners say this is a good move for customer and staff safety, but some owners say it’s going to be rough on them.

“It’ll have a trickle-down effect to every business," Rookies Owner Rodney Thomas said. "Because you’re going to see when they start telling you to stay away, they’ll stay away from everywhere. You know, anything that doesn’t have a drive-through. Any walk-ups, whatever, you know they’re going to struggle. It’s going to gonna be a big hit on everybody.”

“Well, by keeping the distance, its obviously going to keep the virus down, is what there telling us," Sidewalk Cafe Co-Owner Nancy McCarnan said. "So, we just got to be all together as a team and work together. And I think our community will support us in every way they can. If you see Facebook, everybody is yelling that-- support the local business. So, we’re going to try to do what we can to make sure they get this food.”

Some of those owners tell us there is a lot of uncertainty in the situation they are in right now. As of right now, there’s no word on when those businesses can return to normal.

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