Muhlenberg Co. experiences 6 overdoses in 24-hours

Updated: Mar. 9, 2020 at 5:31 PM CDT
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MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Officials in Muhlenberg County say they’re looking into an unusual uptick in overdoses over the weekend.

[Sudden reported increase in heroin overdoses in Muhlenberg Co.]

We met with the health department and local law enforcement to learn where they go from here.

“I got the call Thursday afternoon from our local EMS director that there had been a total of six runs in the county," said Alma Fink, a registered nurse for the Muhlenberg County Health Department.

Health department officials say three of those were heroin overdoses and the other three were for overdoses caused by a drug called spice.

“We’ve constantly heard that the opiate epidemic, the heroin crisis, all of that was gonna come to western Kentucky. Several years we’ve been told that. We’ve not seen it here," Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Piper said. “Up until recently, the past week, we’ve seen an increase in overdoses, and I’m thinking it’s kind of hitting here now.”

Now, the Muhlenberg County Health Department is taking action. They’ve implemented a free Narcan program for at-risk individuals.

“At-risk would mean someone who uses substances and it doesn’t have to be an opiate. It can be methamphetamine and things like that because there is a risk it can be laced with an opiate," Fink said.

Fink says anyone interested in the free Narcan can go to the county health department and fill out paperwork.

“We would give them the Narcan, and then show them how to use it, how to do rescue breathing to keep the person alive until the ambulance can get there,” said Fink.

As for law enforcement, Deputy Alex Piper says they plan to be more aggressive moving forward.

“We’ve added two K9s, another officer that’s been dedicated to this," Piper said. “We’re going to be pretty aggressive about it. We want people to know that if you’re in Muhlenberg County and your selling narcotics and you’re involved in the distribution of narcotics, we’re gonna put you in jail."

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