5 Henderson properties sold during mass foreclosure sale

5 Henderson properties sold during mass foreclosure sale

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - All properties up for grabs were sold during Wednesday’s mass foreclosure sale.

City officials say the properties were part of a mass foreclosure action filed earlier this year.

There were five properties for sale, three of those properties were here on Alves street. The other properties were on Ingram and Old Madisonville Road.

All of these properties sold for under what they were assessed for.

As for the Alves Street properties, buyers say they’re not sure as to what they’ll eventually do with the properties. But one resident in the neighborhood hopes there will be some new residences.

“It’s just empty lots," said resident Mary Petrie. "The city has to come here and cut it all the time. And the grass can grow up all over three feet, sometimes. So, it’ll be great to have other homes. There were homes standing here and now they’re gone, and they need to be replaced.”

City officials say this is the third sale of foreclosed properties they’ve conducted since December.

According to those officials, this is the second time in a little over three years the city pursued a mass foreclosure. They say this is to recover back taxes and code enforcement liens.

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