McFarland sentenced in deadly police chase crash

McFarland sentenced in deadly police chase crash

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The man accused of causing a crash that killed three people has been sentenced to 15 years in the Indiana Dept. of Corrections.

McFarland Sentencing put on hold
McFarland Sentencing put on hold

Police say Frederick McFarland led them on a chase that killed 7-month-old Prince, 2-year-old Princess Carter and their father, Terrence Baker in 2017.

It was emotional inside the courtroom as several people took the stand to deliver impact statements in front of McFarland and the judge.

Sara Johnson, who is the grandmother of Prince and Princess Carter, said she misses her grandchildren every day. She also said this is a pain that she will feel for the rest of her life.

McFarland’s mother, girlfriend, and sister also took the stand. His sister Vanessa said she has seen a change in his character since being behind bars.

And McFarland himself even turned to the family of the victims on Wednesday. He apologized and asked if they could find it in their heart to forgive him.

“With these cases, no matter what we do in a courtroom, that’s not going to bring back who we lost in this accident," said Jess Powers with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office. "Our hearts go out to everyone involved. Unfortunately, the court system can’t bring anyone back no matter what we do.”

Jenae Carter, who is Prince and Princess’s mother, survived that crash. She tells us this has all been very hard and she feels like their lives were worth more than 15 years.

McFarland faced three counts of resisting law enforcement while operating a vehicle causing death.

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