Nashville area teams, workers here for OVC tourney after deadly tornado

Nashville area teams, workers here for OVC tourney after deadly tornado

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Some things are just bigger than sports, certainly, the tornado and severe storms that ravaged through Tennessee have offered some perspective to those at the Ohio Valley Conference Basketball Tournament.

As OVC physician Dr. Rob Dyer watches the tournament his heart remains with his hometown of Nashville, Tennesse. Before coming to Evansville, he saw the tornado damage himself.

“It’s just unrecognizable," said Dr. Dyer. "Just to see the power of what happened, buildings are just gone, historical places are gone, restaurants, small businesses.”

And the damage stretched east of Nashville into Cookeville. That’s where Tennessee Tech Athletic Director Mark Wilson says he assisted first responders the night of the storm.

“It was just -- I’ve seen things in my life now that I never wanted to see, that I’ll never be able to unsee in my mind,” Wilson said.

Both Wilson and Dr. Dyer say they have family members back home assisting with clean up efforts. They are confident that middle Tennessee will bounce back and with the help of all who extend a helping hand.

“It is amazing how Nashville, even though it has grown so much, kind of rallies as a small town," said Dr. Dyer. "A couple of my children are volunteering tonight. Everyone seems to be bonding together to get it fixed.”

“I know I heard from every one of my OVC colleagues yesterday that reached out saying what can we do to help Cookeville and they are all helping us in their own way," Wilson said. "So it’s all of us binding together when we need to because we’re all one OVC family.”

Both Dr. Dyer and Wilson tell us the damage is just unfathomable. They say it is still hard to really come to grips with the magnitude of what has happened.

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