Mayor’s office, health officials discuss coronavirus symptoms, information

Mayor’s office, health officials discuss coronavirus symptoms, information

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s office and local health professionals sat down to talk about the coronavirus on Thursday.

The biggest take away from the round table discussion was making sure the community is getting their information from credible sources. The Health Department’s slogan is: share facts not fear.

Right now there are no known cases of coronavirus in this area.

According to officials at St. Vincent Hospital, symptoms of the coronavirus resemble the common cold. They suggest if you feel sick to stay home and treat the symptoms with over the counter medication.

Both Deaconess and St Vincent say they have received calls from the community concerning their symptoms, but they want to assure everyone there is no threat right now.

“We’re preparing for this all the time," said Deaconess Health System President Doctor James Porter. "As health systems in the community, the world we live in today is such that there are highly communicable new illnesses that come about from time to time so we’re constantly preparing for it; making sure we have the right supplies to take care of people, planning for what would happen.”

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