New equipment to help OPD with different investigations

New equipment to help OPD with different investigations

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The Owensboro Police Department has a new piece of equipment that should help them during various investigations.

Officers were out Wednesday training with this new piece of equipment, drones.

“It gives us the tool to have access to a birds-eye view; for instance, if you have a missing child or a missing subject that’s walked off from somewhere," said OPD Lieutenant Adam Johnston. “It can cover a lot more ground from above than we could from the ground.”

Lt. Johnston says the department had been eyeing the drone for a while and found a way to work it into their budget.

“Currently we have 10 officers on the team that have gone through a rigorous knowledge testing and practicals exams to be able to fly and be a member of the team,” explained Lt. Johnston.

Officers say drones will even be useful in missing person cases.

Chad Noffsinger has been listed as a missing person since January.

“We had been arguing and he took off walking west down 2nd Street and no one’s seen him since," said Noffsinger’s girlfriend, Jaclyn Bernard.

Bernard says while searching friends and family found Noffsinger’s backpack in English Park. But she says that’s the only evidence of him since he went missing last month.

“But other than that we have had no leads," said Bernard.

She says knowing that the department has technology like a drone gives her hope.

“Since we want more coverage around the river and the banks and stuff that would be something along what we were thinking about, somewhere where they can fly above and canvas the area," said Bernard.

Bernard says officers have been working on Noffsinger’s case. She says she’s hoping they can use the drone to get more answers.

“Cause anything is better than what we have right now, which is nothing,” said Bernard.

Noffsinger’s family and friends are asking the public to contact OPD or crime stoppers if they know where to find him.

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