Jailers take part in taser, jail extractions training

Jailers take part in taser, jail extractions training

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Jailers got some hands-on training with sheriff’s deputies on Thursday.

Posey County Sheriff Tom Lathem told us they trained jailers on using tasers and practiced jail extractions.

This is all part of the training initiatives Sheriff Lathem has wanted to enforce for a few years.

He says keeping them up to date on how to keep not only themselves safe, but other inmates, is crucial for day to day work.

“To provide our staff with the proper training to lesson the likeness of someone getting injured, and that includes the jail staff along with the inmate. That’s the key,” Lathem said.

Every year, taser training has to be implemented to keep up with changing laws and softwares, so the sheriff deputies or jail officers knows what it’s like if they have to use that kind of force.

“It’s very important, going through training like this. When you are deploying a taser you’re taking a risk, you need to make sure, you need to have no question that it’s approproate for you to use it and to follow proper protocol afterwards,”Austin Stallings, Corporal, Shift Lead said.

This year was the first time jail extraction training was held but Sheriff Latham says he’s looking forward to the continuation of hands-on training.

“These types of trainings that we provide, it’s an ongoing training process. I often say the day you think you know it all in law enforcement is the day you need to retire,” Latham said.

“It’s just one of those things about the job, not one of the prettier sights but it’s something that you have to do in this job,” Stallings said.

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