Plans underway for $5m psychiatric health facility in Mt. Carmel

Plans underway for $5m psychiatric health facility in Mt. Carmel

MT. CARMEL, Ill. (WFIE) - Plans are underway to build a new psychiatric health facility in the area.

Leaders say this $5 million facility will be on Mt. Carmel’s west side. Developers plan for it to be a 24-bed care behavioral health facility.

“Dr. Ahmed presented to us at the city council meeting this past Monday, that they intend to construct a new therapeutic care facility for, they intend to have anywhere between 24 to 32 beds," City Clerk Administrator Rudy Witsman said.

Witsman says there isn’t a facility like this anywhere near Mount Carmel so the need is apparent.

“Because of the different insurance companies, here we are in a border state," Witsman said. "A lot of the insurance companies, if they have to take the patient to Indiana there’s problems with collecting insurance from one state to another. They try to transport people and keep them in Illinois but facilities are either two to three hours away.”

Mt. Carmel’s Police Chief Ryan Turner says they see a lot of people with mental illnesses, so any type of psychiatric services will help.

“The need is there because this is somewhere local they can go," Chief Turner said. “I think it’s a need for law enforcement all around the surrounding counties too. Right now we don’t really have anywhere, we don’t have a lot of guidance. It takes hours to get a counselor to the hospital and then find placement.”

The two doctors proposed the facility to be 24,000 square feet and look forward to the facility being fully operational by the end of 2021.

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