New equipment designed to find missing people with cognitive disabilities

New equipment designed to find missing people with cognitive disabilities

TELL CITY, Ind. (WFIE) - Project Life Saver is almost ready for launch.

The program uses high tech equipment that helps police locate people with cognitive disabilities when they go missing.

And it won’t just help those missing in Tell City. The police department is opening up this opportunity to the whole county.

The Tell City Police Department spent all day learning about Project Life Saver. It is specifically designed for people who are prone to wander away.

“Focusing on people with cognitive disorders, autism, early stages, or any stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and also would have a tendency to wander,” said Tell City Police Department Assitant Chief Roger Smith.

Individuals with cognitive disorders simply wear a wristband that transmits radio signals.

Officers tell us because Perry County is so rural and cell phone service can be spotty, this was perfect for them.

“You can watch the gage and as you’re in the right direction the gage would max out at 10 or a higher number to show you where pointing the device in the right direction,” Smith said.

The police department wasn’t the only agency taking advantage of this training session. Five members of the school corporation were also learning to use the device just in case their students become a part of their program.

Each person enrolled in the project has a card with information that stays with their caregiver.

This program isn’t just here in Perry County. Once you are registered with the program you can get help anywhere where there is a receiver.

“If the loved one went missing say at a large theme park or they were on vacation then the family member would be able to turn that card over to authorities,” said Smith.

The police department already has families signed up to see if their loved ones qualify for the program. To see if your loved one qualifies, contact the Tell City Police Department.

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