Police offering new security program for homeowners soon

Police offering new security program for homeowners soon

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Do you have home security cameras and live in Madisonville? The Madisonville Police Department is just days away from releasing a new security program and you can be a part of it.

The security program includes a website designed to assist the police in solving crime in the Madisonville community.

Residents and business owners can voluntarily register to let the MPD know if they have an outdoor camera system.

In the event of a crime, the department wants to be more prepared and that’s where their new security measure comes in.

“What it is, is it’s called the Community Connection website, it’s an external website that the city of Madisonville developed," Major Andy Rush said. "And it’s going to be used to compile a database of people who have security systems.”

The database will allow the MPD to have an active list of cameras in that area.

“That way we can go and ask for permission to look at their footage to see if it caught any details of the crime or anything else like that, that happened.”

The program is completely voluntary.

And each time a resident’s or business’ cameras are needed, the police will go through the process of requesting permission, again.

“If the police department knows who they can contact and get access to their cameras to solve a crime or find a missing person, I don’t see how that wouldn’t be beneficial,” Amanda Keith, Owner of Amanda’s said.

Major Rush also said that with the increase of people getting home security systems, when a crime occurs officers have to go door to door asking for footage.

This system will help speed up that process.

“I have cameras at home on our front porch so I can see who comes to the door and you can actually see the street behind us," Keith said. “So I wouldn’t have a problem with the police contacting me saying hey can we look at your cameras.”

Once the security system goes active, the community can register their new or existing cameras on the MPD website.

“All it is, is your name, your address, and does it have recording ability and any other comments. We’re not automatically requesting permission or we’re not asking you to grant permission at the time,” Rush said.

[Madisonville Police Department Website]

The voluntary security system will go live on February 21. Residents can either go directly to the website or follow the link on the Madisonville Police Department website.

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