Valentine’s Day comes to an end

Local florist has busy Valentine’s Day

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Valentine’s Day is coming to an end and some florists can’t wait to get home to their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is filled with love and spending time with those we care about, but for Flowers and More off Franklin Street, it’s a day that revolves around a lot of planning and a lot of hustle.

“Lots of people in and out, gentleman wanting to get flowers for their ladies, and their little ones,” said owner, Heidi Griese.

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year, and a lot goes into preparing for it.

One thing, in particular, is the weather.

“We had a lot of logistics, obstacles, and wrapping so that our flowers don’t freeze,” Griese said.

From small bouquets to large arrangements, every flower was protected, so that they could brighten someone’s day.

But what happens after all the orders are picked up? Heidi tells us she’s heading straight home to her husband.

“He will usually cook for valentines, and one time he made edible fruit, and he made it himself that was kinda neat,” Griese said.

Heidi tells me her husband makes great spaghetti but is looking forward to whatever is on the menu.

“Just relax a little bit, because we’ve been hard at it all week long,” Griese said.

Heidi says they still have quite a few flower arrangements left and are looking forward to the next holiday.

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