Jasper’s State of the City addresses substance abuse

Jasper State of the City addresses substance abuse

JASPER, Ind. (WFIE) - Jasper’s new mayor presented his first state of the city address on Friday.

Mayor Dean Vonderheide said he is encouraged by how the city is doing and is hopeful for improvements to come.

Vonderheide talked about everything from infrastructure to substance abuse, a problem he said they are adamantly working on in their community.

We previously reported $60,000 was going to help combat addiction in the county.

A portion of the money was being used to help start a program with New Vision Counseling Services, it would have provided up to $1,000 of substance abuse treatment to participants at now cost. That facility closed unexpectedly.

Dubois County Judge McConnell said another facility, Playful Healing and Counseling, is stepping in to fill the gap by offering adult services.

It’s something the Mayor says is one of their top priorities.

“Well, there are several groups working on it, including our resources from the county and from Memorial Hospital and the city," Mayor Vonderheide said. "I have an ecumenical group that it’s high on their priority list. So the conversations are happening. We’re doing a lot of research and study on what might be our best solution, so there’s a lot underway but nothing defined yet.”

Playful Healing and Counseling said they will specifically be providing substance abuse group therapy at their Jasper location only at this time.

That all starts this upcoming Monday. If you need to utilize their services, you can simply just give them a call at (812) 449-7367.

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