Possible extension to ‘The District’ coming soon

Possible extension to ‘The District’ coming soon

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - 2019 was the first year city officials put into motion “The District," which is a portion of downtown Owensboro where alcoholic drinks are allowed on public property.

“I mean I think overall ’19 was just a great season for it and the fact that we didn’t have any incidents at all," says Director of Public Events Tim Ross.

As the ordinance stands now alcoholic drinks are only allowed within district limits for special events.

Ross says many of the downtown businesses have expressed interest in expanding the districts’ hours.

“Whether or not it’s certain hours, whether it’s just the weekends, or whether it’s all week long or just the evenings," Ross says.

Oralis Radilla Zunun just opened Don Mario’s downtown. Zunun says expanding on the districts’ hours to include weekends could really help her business.

“If this is an extension where they can come in and just grab something I have a feeling they would come in, eat and drink, and also take one to go so that would be wonderful," said Zunun.

Zunun says a lot of her business revenue comes from alcohol sales.

“A lot of it does because people are interested in trying our margaritas you know interested in drinking their beer with their meal so definitely, definitely," said Zunun. “Especially after lunch.”

Ross says earlier this week he talked to commissioners about the idea.

“They’re certainly receptive to it," Ross says. "You know feedback and talking individually is that you know the consensus among the business owners and the city staff thinks it’s a positive thing to do that they’re open to doing that.”

Ross says over the next couple of weeks he will work with restaurant owners to craft some ideas before going in front of the city commission again.

The director of public events says he will likely present their ideas to the commission again next month. With hopes of getting the change in place in time for warmer weather.

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