Daviess Co. kindergartner to undergo liver transplant

Students, staff raising money to help with expenses

Daviess Co. kindergartner to undergo liver transplant

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Six-year-old Ruby Knelson of Daviess County is in line to receive a liver transplant that could change her life.

It’s safe to say Ruby is loved by her Sorgho Elementary School family. Students and staff at Sorgho are raising money to help Ruby’s family with expenses.

“Ruby is just a ray of sunshine. Everyone loves Ruby," said Cathy Manqueros, a teacher at Sorgho. “The older kids in the school, when they see her, they call out to her and wave to her."

Manqueros is Ruby’s kindergarten teacher. She and Ruby had to explain to her class that Ruby would be leaving them soon.

“Ruby and I talked with the boys and girls in our classroom, and we explained to them that Ruby needs a new liver," Manqueros said.

Four years ago, Ruby’s parents adopted her from China. At the time, they knew Ruby had health complications but did not know how serious.

“She was very sweet when she talked to them," Manqueros said. “She told them that she would be asleep and that she would not feel anything."

Ruby’s parents say her liver disease causes many problems for her little body. She’s in need of a liver transplant that doctors say could cure all of her medical problems.

“When I found out she needed a liver, God put on my heart to do some type of fundraiser," said Kim Masteller, a computer teacher at Sorgho Elementary.

Masteller started “Pennies for Ruby” and so far, they’ve raised more than $4,000.

“It’s just overwhelming how our Sorgho students and staff come together," Masteller said. “They love Ruby and the whole school and all we just we love, and we’re kind to each other and want the best for each other."

Ruby has been on the waitlist for a transplant, and doctors tell her parents it could happen any day now.

“We just wish Ruby the best, and we know she’s gonna come back to us and be healthy and happy," said Manqueros.

If you would like to help Ruby’s family with expenses, you can call Sorgho Elementary at (270) 852-7470 or go to the school, which is located at 5390 KY-56, Owensboro, KY 4230.

You can also donate online at Ruby’s Go Fund Me page.

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