VCSO deputies helping keep USI students, staff safe

VCSO deputies helping keep USI students, staff safe

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Some USI students say the presence of Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputies is making a positive impact.

Anytime that students are here, you can count on two sheriff’s deputies nearby. This is part of a partnership that began in August of 2018. These deputies work in conjunction with USI’s campus security.

“If you can create an omnipresence of law enforcement, the bad guys more than likely will say, this isn’t the best spot to do this, because I have too many eyes on me,” said Sheriff Dave Wedding.

Students say they appreciate the deputy presence. It gives them peace of mind knowing that they can have a trusting relationship with those who want to keep them safe.

“It’s great to have that support, but also seeing them daily, just a simple hi at Starbucks or anywhere on campus, it’s really great just that they know us and want to know us more,” said sophomore Hairo Rivas.

The university’s 2019 crime report revealed one case of domestic violence last year compared to five in 2018. Records show drug violations decreased by 60 percent.

“Knowing that they value our safety is probably one of the main reasons I came to USI," said freshman Alyssa Lensing. "Because I know when I come here it’s not going to be dangerous.”

Sheriff Wedding says this partnership also allows for quick response time in case of emergency. Although they can’t prevent everything, he says the relationships they develop on-campus help everybody feel better about safety.

“Our ability to be out there talking to students, forming relationships with students, you know they may come and tell us about some things that might help stop a problem before it actually occurs," said Sheriff Wedding.

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