Rising Ohio River levels to cause road closures, hazards

Rising Ohio River levels to causing road closures, hazards

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It happens every year, but thanks to lots of recent rainfall, the Ohio River is on the rise and that will force some road closures and cause potential road hazards.

Wolf Hills Road, which is a popular cut-through between Evansville and east U.S. 60 in Henderson, is expected to be closed sometime on Friday.

Not only that but the rising river also means that deer and other wildlife will be pushed out of the river bottoms and up onto U.S. 41-North near Audubon State Park as they seek higher ground.

Drivers are urged to use caution in these areas.

Locals say herds of deer are always a problem when the river rises.

“Well, when the flooding gets bad the deer will cross across the highway," says Evansville resident Kenneth Baldwin. "It floods on that side of the highway and they come over here and sometimes there’s quite a few and they can get hit. I’ve seen some deer on the side of the road that have been hit.”

Officials from the City of Henderson are urging drivers to use caution in those areas to avoid potential hazards.

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