Local mom helps Chinese orphanage on lockdown because of coronavirus

Local mom helps Chinese orphanage on lockdown because of coronavirus

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A local mother is collecting masks for an orphanage that is on lockdown in China due to the coronavirus.

Just seven months ago Shari Bryant was in China to unite with her daughter Eliza at this orphanage. Recently, after hearing about the coronavirus she immediately sprang into action.

“It was really kind of intimidating to think that, that could be us to know that billions of people are affected," Bryant says. "We were just there 7 months ago”

Now, things at the orphanage are different

“All the IU or nannies are wearing masks so that they don’t come into physical contact with the children,” explains Bryant.

But finding masks can be difficult. So Bryant, her friends, and family are donating masks to four orphanages in need.

So far she has donated 250 masks and is about to send off 1,200 more. But the coronavirus isn’t just getting in the way of people’s health.

“It’s very difficult for our friends because they have family days or gotcha days where they’re supposed to have gotten their children during this time that the government is on lockdown,” Bryant explains. “Businesses, the grocery store, the airports, you name it, everything is just kind of in a standstill.”

Bryant says she is happy Eliza is here safe, but hopes the masks will help keep other babies safe until they can find their forever homes.

As of today, 14 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

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