Former Evansville teacher on sex offender registry now a contestant on ‘The Voice of Holland’

Former Evansville teacher on sex offender registry now contestant on ‘The Voice of Holland’

HOLLAND (WFIE) - A former EVSC school teacher, who is on a sex offender registry, is now a contestant on the Dutch reality TV show, “The Voice of Holland.”

According to the Illinois sex offender registry, 32-year-old Jordan Lee McGuire is listed with a “location unknown.” It states, “Offender has fled the address given on registration records without notification.”

Jordan McGuire on sex offender registry
Jordan McGuire on sex offender registry (Source: Illinois Sex Offender Registry)

Well, as it turns out, McGuire is in Holland.

He’s shown up as a contestant on the singing competition show, “The Voice of Holland,” using the name, C.J., and made it to the live shows.

McGuire was a teacher at Harrison High School in Evansville and was arrested in 2012 in a sex abuse case involving a student. Two years later, he was acquitted by a jury.

Just a few months after his acquittal, McGuire was arrested for sexual battery while he was a student at the University of Wyoming.

According to a news station in Wyoming, a man claimed McGuire served him drinks and when he woke up in a bathroom, McGuire was sexually assaulting him.

McGuire states in his backstory interview for the show that those charges, which he says were only for hitting a man on the backside, were dismissed.

“My bail was set at $100,000," McGuire says during the interview. “I did not have that money and I spent six months in a jail. I did not have to go before a jury, they dropped all the charges.”

According to the sex offender registry, they weren’t.

In 2015, The Associated Press reported McGuire pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, and the first-degree sexual assault charge was dropped.

McGuire was arrested another time before he lived in Evansville. Officials say McGuire was charged with criminal sexual assault in Illinois in 2007. They say he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in that case.

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