Town council approves funds for Poseyville Police Department for new software

Town council approves funds for Poseyville Police department

POSEYVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Poseyville Police Department may be a small force, but that doesn’t excuse them from complying with federal mandates.

A mandate, that came out a few years ago, requires all police agencies to have software that uploads crime reports into the national databases by 2021.

Town Marshall Charles Carter went to the town council and asked for the funds that would help the police department meet the requirement.

The council quickly approved the $3,000 request.

After the meeting, Carter showed 14 News the current technology the department is using.

“It gives us basic CAD information, it tells us our run, our address, some contact information,” said Carter.

However, the old system does not have an option for creating reports.

The department currently writes reports on a word document and drives all the way to Mount Vernon to deliver them to the prosecutor’s office.

“That eliminates an hour’s worth of travel, just for me to get things down to the prosecutor," said Carter. “Really brings us into 2020, if not where we should’ve been 10-15 years ago.”

The new system will also allow all reports to go into the national database allowing everyone to have access to files.

“Last year, we got digital ticketing, this year we’re going to get electronic reporting," said Carter. “This will put us on par, with, for the most part, any other police agency in the state, which is very impressive for a small town like ours.”

Carter hopes to have the new system up and running within the next 30 to 60 days.

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