Posey Co. Probation Department funds new programs in county courts through grant

Posey Co. Probation Department funds new programs in county courts through grant

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The Posey County Probation Department is using a grant to create new programs for the county’s courts.

The funding comes from Justice Partners Addiction Response Grant and helped create A.C.C.E.P.T. (Achieving Positive Change and Effective Positive Thinking).

This program concentrates on moderate to high-risk offenders who exhibit a need for substance abuse treatment and allows for intensive supervision during the pre-trial stages.

At the same time, A.C.C.E.P.T. provides an opportunity for offenders to make positive changes in their decision-making abilities through, moral, cognitive, and educational therapy and training.

The probation office says they created this program to be compliant in new revisions of Indiana’s Criminal Rule 26.

They also saw a lack of substance abuse and mental health services available to offenders early in the court process.

“It affords us a huge opportunity to affect positive change on way more lives than we’ve been able to early on,” said Michelle Fortune, chief probation officer. “A lot of times when we get someone placed on probation, they’ve had a really hard time. We haven’t had the resources available to provide something quick and effective and to address as many issues as possible.”

The grant also provided funding for a court facility dog named Brody. He started last week and has extensive training with a Canine Good Citizen Certification.

Brody will be used throughout the Posey County Courthouse as a comfort dog.

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