Indiana paramedics to lobby against House Bill 1372

Indiana paramedics to lobby against House Bill 1372

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Indiana paramedics are heading to the capital on Wednesday to lobby against a newly proposed House Bill. They’re worried it’ll impact how they do their jobs.

Director of Gibson County Emergency Medical Services Jim Allen tells us if House Bill 1372 passes, insurance companies would be allowed to set their rates for EMS transports.

Allen says he was asked to lobby against this bill by the Indiana EMS Association.

Paramedics tell us they’re worried ambulance services would go into debt and lose more employees while they’re already facing a nationwide paramedic shortage.

“The EMS providers around the state, some of them won’t be able to survive, and it’s going to end up costing them more in higher taxes or a restructure of all the taxes just to keep the EMS providers going," Allen said.

He also tells us that if this bill passes, their revenues could drop 50 to 60 percent and that could mean loss of their services. Allen says that this could also impact hospitals and doctor offices if passed.

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