Local McDonald’s employee gets rewarded for going above and beyond

McDonald’s employee gets rewarded for going above and beyond

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - One McDonald’s employee goes above and beyond for customers, and he’s getting recognized for it.

Adam English has been working at the McDonald’s on Highway 54 in Owensboro for almost two years now.

“Hey, Sunshine," that’s how Adam greets customers. He says every morning he wakes up excited to come to work.

“It’s just a, a heck of an experience," English said. “It’s definitely enjoyable and definitely worthy of a job. I love it."

Adam’s boss, Pamela Roberts, says she remembers the day she hired him.

“We didn’t know what position we were gonna put Adam in, and we tried him out in the front counter, and he did phenomenal, and he learned the back drive-thru area, and that’s basically where Adams been," said Roberts, the general manager.

Adam says he typically works the back window, taking people’s drive-thru orders while also instilling a little positivity in each customer.

“If you don’t have smiles then you’re definitely having issues within yourself," he said. “So, I like to bring those out to let you see your self-worth and move forward with your day."

The general manager says whenever Adam is not working the drive-thru window, it’s noticed. Some customers may even complain.

“We did try to put Adam in the front counter at the kiosk station, and we had an uproar with the customers," Roberts said. "The customers are always saying, ‘Where’s Adam, where’s Adam, where’s Adam?’”

Now Adam is being rewarded for his great customer service. He’ll be traveling to Orlando to take part in this year’s McDonald’s Convention and enjoy a vacation courtesy of McDonald’s.

“I’m gonna go down there and shine and do the best I can like I would any other day," English said.

“He gets a lot of fun activities to do. So I think Adam’s gonna do exceptionally well," said Roberts.

Adam will attend the conference in April. McDonald’s Spokesperson Amanda Campbell says a few other employees from McDonald’s locations around the Tri-State have also been chosen to attend the conference.

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