EVSC follows new board meeting format

EVSC follows new board meeting format

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Monday was the first night of the new format for the EVSC school board, and it became heated at times.

Public comment is now at the beginning of the meeting, not the end, which has some members of the public using words like “cowardly” and “censorship.”

“It may appear to the public you’re trying to open up the process, but in fact, you’re trying to close the process,” said Attorney Charlie Berger.

“You want to go for quiet, you want us to stop showing up, you want us to stop talking,” said Shamus Coffey.

“The school board meeting is a meeting that’s held in the public, it’s not a public meeting, so based upon the advice of the Indiana School Board Association, because we did reach out to them, they say very few school districts actually comment on public comment,” said Superintendent David Smith.

EVSC officials say they are creating a town hall-style event that will be better suited for public comment.

The first one is expected to happen sometime in March.

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