Isaiah 117 House coming to Evansville, 1st in Vanderburgh Co.

Isaiah 117 House Coming to Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Children in the Vanderburgh County foster care system will soon have a new safe and comforting place to live until they arrive at their new home.

The home is for children that may be currently displaced and will provide clean clothes, toys, blankets and so much more.

One very passionate coordinator said this home will give comfort while D.C.S does the necessary paperwork to identify a good foster placement.

In 2016 Melissa Mayer and her family of five became aware of the foster care system.

“We actually had three biological kids, so we thought our family was complete,” said Melissa Mayer, Vanderburgh County program coordinator.

She has since fostered and adopted two more children and is now in the process of adopting another child.

She realized the need for transitional housing for children heading into the foster care system.

“Knowing first hand what these kids go through when they’re removed, you just want to help,” Mayer said.

Mayer has worked with others to help create the Isaiah 117 House.

It’s under construction and will be a comforting and loving place for children awaiting foster care placement.

“This house was created to love on these kids and let them know that they matter,” Mayer said. “Just to be able to offer clean clothes, baths, toys to play with, food.”

Mayer says they don’t want to put a number on how many kids the house can hold, but instead, access the trauma each child has gone through to determine if the home will be a safe environment for them.

“This hasn’t been one organization, one church, one individual, it’s been a whole community,” she said.

The house, which is in the beginning stages of construction, is privately funded through different organizations and will be at an undisclosed location for the safety of the children that come through.

“There’s lots of great things happening here, and we’ve seen the community pull together, so there’s lots of passion,” Mayer said.

Isaiah 117 House has been nominated for a leadership award on March 19, and Mayer tells us she hopes to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 20 with everyone involved.

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