Community gathers to remember World War II Veteran

Community gathers to remember World War II Veteran

HANCOCK CO., Ky. (WFIE) - In Hancock County, members of the community gathered to pay their final respects to World War II veteran Albert Hall.

Hall passed away at age 99, and after talking to his friends and family, it was clear that Hall was not only a war hero but a community treasure.

Family and friends, young and old, gathered on Friday to mourn the loss of someone they call a “Lewisport treasure.”

“We are here, assembled, to pay our last tribute of respect for our departed comrade," said pastor Dr. James Wedding.

“He didn’t meet a stranger. He loved everybody and everybody loved him," said a friend of Hall and Gibson & Son Funeral Director, Karen Keenan.

World War II Veteran Albert Hall passed away on February 3 at 99 years old.

“He led a full life, yes he did, yes he did," said Steve Canepari, a friend of Hall’s.

Steve reflected on one of his fondest memories with Hall, accompanying him on his honor flight trip to Washington D.C.

“We had one of the greatest times of our life," said Canepari. “To see how people really appreciated someone like him and their service and you know as I said, when we got off that plane in Louisville there were ten thousand people in that airport, and we could not get through the crowds with people wanting to talk to him and wanting to shake his hand."

We got the chance to interview Hall back in 2013 when he was honored for his service. “Everybody deserves respect. We’re all human, born equally," Hall said.

Steve says he and Albert enjoyed talking about their time at war.

“He was just a genuine delight to be around and talk with and so forth so I’ll miss him dearly but I’m very proud to have known him," said Canepari.

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