Several local law enforcement members attend crisis intervention training

Several local law enforcement members attend crisis intervention training

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Dozens of local law enforcement wrapped up a week’s worth of crisis intervention training Friday afternoon.

The training teaches them many helpful skills for when they encounter someone struggling with mental illness.

Officers from all around the area attended the training, including EPD officers, both Vanderburgh and Warrick County Sheriff’s deputies, and even security from USI.

It’s the 12th year for the program, and it happens once a year.

The 40-hour training teaches them what to look out for if they believe someone may have a mental health issue.

They also learn how to approach these individuals and help them once they recognize those signs.

The crisis intervention team tells us all of this knowledge they’re taking in will be useful both on and off the job.

“I think the more you understand about mental illness, the more empathetic you can be, and I think it also serves a personal purpose for the officers," said Janie Chappell, co-chair of the crisis intervention team. "And as I mentioned, one in four people struggle with a mental health concern. So they are going to encounter it personally as well as professionally and that can always be helpful as well.”

These officers also learn about all the available resources so that if they do encounter someone who is struggling, they can point them in the right direction and hopefully change their life.

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