Early voting satellite locations a possibility for general election

Early voting satellite locations a possibility for general election

WARRICK CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The Warrick County Election Board is considering more locations for early voting.

We’re just about 60 days from the May primary, and the Warrick County Board of Elections is expecting a bigger turnout than in previous years.

“The possibility of expanding our in-person early voting locations in Warrick County to include, in addition to the Boonville location, locations in Lynnville or other areas in the northern county, and in Newburgh," Andrew Skinner, president of the Warrick County Board of Elections said.

Although the idea of adding those two locations sparked interest, some board members are concerned about the limited time frame to set them up.

“We haven’t really investigated the security aspect of those locations either and how that, I’m a meeting planner, so I think about logistics and operational and there’s a lot here in a short amount of time that we would have to get turned around,” Sylvia Abshire, a board member.

On top of security, effectively notifying voters of their polling locations and getting the new sites organized were also concerns.

The board of elections ultimately decided to hold off on more satellite locations until possibly the general election.

“There will be postcards filled out by the elections office and every voter will get a notification of their precinct and their voting location on election day,” Skinner said.

The board was also alerted during the meeting that some postcards had old locations.

We’re told those will be updated with the state and re-mailed with the proper information as soon as possible.

“People who would have received those would have been in Boonville or Chandler, and a few annexations in Newburgh,” Skinner said.

Early voting for the primary will begin in the clerk’s office on April 7.

Election officials plan to reach out to those proposed satellite locations about availability for the general election. They say the turnout for the primary will help determine possible days and hours.

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