Local farming highlighted in annual Rooster Booster breakfast

Local farming highlighted in annual Rooster Booster breakfast

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Farming was the focus of Thursday’s Rooster Booster breakfast.

It has been a challenging few years for local farmers.

“It’s been a tough three or four years, our commodity prices and well anything to do with agriculture, the prices have declined significantly," said Daviess County Agriculture Entrepreneur Jimmy Gilles.

The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce dedicated this month’s Rooster Booster breakfast to farming. Chamber President Candace Brake says they wanted to recognize the impact agriculture has on the local economy.

“Picture this, it’s 5:15 AM, while the rest of the Commonwealth sleeps our farmers are hard at work putting food on the table of Kentuckians, the nation and the world,” says Daviess County Farm Bureau President Joan Hayden. "Not for recognition or praise or even thanks but for the opportunity to do it again tomorrow.”

Members of the Daviess County Farm Bureau were part of the panel, all driving home the same point, buy local. Gilles says what really helps agriculture here in Daviess County is buying directly from the farmers themselves.

“Get the base to buy from them instead of going to Walmart or Kroger or a big box store," said Gilles.

Brake says another focus of the discussion was to bring young farmers back to Daviess County.

“Well we have to have leaders, we have to have people willing to grow food for us to consume or we, we will go hungry," said Gilles.

“As a community, Owensboro is trying to bring talent back to the community and grow talent that’s here," said Brake. “So the agriculture community and the business community we’re partnering in that every day.”

The Chamber of Commerce will be holding other events throughout February to highlight the farming community. The annual Farm City Breakfast is scheduled to take place on Feb. 29.

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