Local couples Facebook group helping Owensboro non-profit

Local couples Facebook group helping Owensboro non-profit

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A Facebook group, which was started by a local couple, is now helping an Owensboro non-profit.

Friends of Sinners, a substance recovery group that houses men and women has been receiving gifts from members in the social media group Gifts of Love.

Director at Friends of Sinners Jordan Wilson says Gifts of Love was started by two of their supporters. He says they thought it would be a great idea to create a group where people struggling, recovery groups and non-profits could post items they need.

Wilson says people who join the online group can either post something their group is in need of or they can choose to donate items.

“He said, ‘hey why don’t you make a list for Friends of Sinners and put it on the Gifts of Love page,’ that’s what he called it,” Wilson explains. “And I uploaded the Amazon wish list for Friends of Sinners on Friday and on Monday we started receiving gifts.”

The non-profit director says he has put items like paper towels, toilet paper, pens, and various toiletry and food items on the Friends of Sinners list. He says now there are more than 600 people in the Facebook group.

Seeing people give to one another is the best part of the group for Wilson.

“It’s really it’s beautiful," Wilson says. "You see that there are more supporters than you think. Not everyone can always give you know a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars at a time but man they can send some toilet paper, they can send some paper towels or shampoo.”

Wilson says if you would like to join you can look up Gifts of Love on Facebook and click join.

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