Madisonville group forming plan to revitalize some neighborhoods

Madisonville group forming plan to revitalize some neighborhoods
The plan for the Cherry Hill and Spring Grove neighborhoods. (Source: WFIE)

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - In Madisonville, a local realty group is taking action to revitalize part of the city. A plan is being formed by a committee from the Madisonville-Hopkins County Board of Realtors. Leaders of the effort hope this revitalization brings a sense of community to one neighborhood.

The Cherry Grove Neighborhood and the Springfield Neighborhood are the two neighborhoods the group is looking at. They are west of downtown Madisonville.

“I think what we tried to do was step back and try to go, ‘How does this impact our community?'" said Brien Terry, a realtor involved in the project. "‘How does this impact the people who are living in this particular neighborhood.”

Terry said the plan would include things to help give the neighborhood a sense of community.

Part of the plan as it stands now would be to encourage any new homes coming to the neighborhood would be built with front porches.

“If you got a front porch, you’re going to talk to your neighbors as you come down the street,” said Terry.

Another part of the proposal is to allow for smaller auxiliary homes to be built on existing lots.

“If you have an older person that just wants to age in place and there is another family member that wants to live in the auxiliary, they’re still close by to make sure they’re okay,” said Terry.

He said the goal is to build a community people can be proud of and feel safe in. Some in the neighborhood say accessory homes could be a good thing.

“I think that would be wonderful," said Chris Schweizer, someone who lives in what the committee is calling the Springfield Neighborhood. "You’re seeing a big shift in demographics across the board. And what might constitute a single-family dwelling now, what a single-family consists of is a sort of perpetual malleable definition.”

Terry said the next step in the proposal is to host public input on the plan. From there, he said there could be changes and additions to the plan.

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