City leaders approve new recruiting program for OPD

City leaders approve new recruiting program for EPD

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - City leaders voted to approve a new recruiting program for the Owensboro Police Department.

OPD Spokesman Officer Andrew Boggess says the department will take part in the Educating Heroes Program, effective immediately. This program allows those, who don’t already possess an associate’s degree, to obtain one free of charge and while attending the police academy.

Officer Boggess says this program would not cost the department or officer anything. He says it will be funded by the state.

According to Officer Boggess, in the past, the department has had to turn away a lot of applicants because they did not fit the education requirements.

“In the past, there’s been an education requirement so every time we did a hiring process we’d have multiple people, sometimes just a few, sometimes 15 or 20 or more that did not meet that education requirement," explains Officer Boggess. “So then they’re removed from the process before they actually get further along."

Officer Boggess says OPD is hoping that the Educating Heroes Now Program will help them fill vacant spots at the department.

[Apply to be an Owensboro Police Officer]

To apply to the Owensboro Police Department click the above link.

For more information on the Educating Heroes Program, click here.

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