Azucar Lounge, Roger Jewelers closing in Owensboro

Azucar Lounge, Roger Jewelers closing in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Two businesses are closing in Owensboro: Azucar Lounge located downtown and Rogers Jewelers in Town Square Mall.

Azucar Lounge opened back in August of 2019 as the city’s first tapas bar. A Facebook post on January 19 stated their desire to close and sell the space to focus on other ventures. The bar officially closed on Friday.

According to the owners and City Commissioner Larry Conder, who owns the property, new tenants will take over the space in the near future.

As for Rogers Jewelers, a representative for the Owensboro location says the entire store’s inventory will be sold up to 70 percent off.

We’re told the store has not set an exact closing date yet.

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