UPDATE: Pigeon Creek Bridge on Highway 41 closed indefinitely

UPDATE: Pigeon Creek Bridge on Highway 41 closed indefinitely

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - INDOT officials say the bridge strike on the Pigeon Creek Bridge has compromised the overall integrity of an 80-year-old bridge.

Because of the significance of damage, they say the bridge will be closed indefinitely.

The bridge has been closed since an oversized truck damaged it two weeks ago.

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Early estimates from the bridge engineering team indicate it could take more than a year to repair the bridge.

INDOT has enlisted the services of a consultant to review the reports and determine the next steps.

Crews have opened the crossover road.

“For now, we’ve built our crossover back from when we had the bridge under rehab," said Jason Tiller with INDOT. "So we’ll maintain two lanes of traffic on Southbound 41. Basically what you do is you run around the bridge, and then you get off on the Diamond Avenue exit, and from there you can veer off and hit US 41 southbound via a cross over we just built. We removed the fence and put a crossover in so again two lanes of traffic, but we do ask people to slow down.”

Drivers can now make their way around the bridge, instead of completely taking the Diamond Ave. exit, turning, and getting back onto Highway 41.

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