Hopkins Co. Schools adopt new school security technology

Hopkins Co. Schools adopt new school security technology

HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The Hopkins County School District is taking school safety very seriously.

Keeping the students of Hopkins County safe is one of the school district’s top priorities, and the additional security measures now in place prove that.

“One of the things that we have done across the district is the introduction of the Raptor technologies. Which is a three-part, we have emergency management, volunteer management, and visitor management," said the Safe Schools Coordinator Robert Carter.

As of Monday, the Raptor system is active in two pilot schools, Hopkins County Central and Madisonville North Hopkins High School. Once a visitor is allowed in by the front desk, they will immediately have to hand over their ID to go through a database search.

“So when we scan through the database, it’s a nationwide database for sexual offenders," Chief Information Officer Harrison Taylor said.

The database will alert faculty of anyone that isn’t allowed to be in the schools without an escort. Once an individual is granted access, they’re given a name badge that will only be eligible for that specific day, and time, and the exact location of where they are authorized to be.

“We can monitor and tell who and where are visitors are at any point in time," said Carter. “So if something did happen, we would be able to state that we had 17 visitors in a specific school at a time."

“With today’s world, you can’t be too safe," Taylor added. “We have other systems in place, and this is one layer we put on it."

Once each management system is piloted, the database will be able to run criminal background checks for volunteers and alert critical first responders for emergency management situations.

“School safety is something that we do, each and every day. Because if our children are not safe, our children cannot learn," Carter said.

School officials say they’ll be monitoring the efficiency of the new system before installing it in the rest of the schools.

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