Attorney says no other McCarty allegations brought to her

Attorney says no other McCarty allegations brought to her

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We are hearing more from the attorney of a University of Evansville student who says she was sexually assaulted by former men’s basketball coach Walter McCarty.

Michelle Simpson Tuegel, who is representing the alleged victim, tells us that no one else has reached out to her with allegations involving McCarty. However, she anticipates others will.

Although the Evansville Police Department does not have an active case involving McCarty, Tuegel tells us that sexual assault does fall under Public and Private school Title IX investigations. She says many of her clients don’t always report to police.

“Our system is not always kind when victims do that, and that’s not to criticize any particular police department or law enforcement," says Tuegel. "But they have a different role and anytime that a victim reports, once they are into the criminal system, we don’t have control and we also can’t guarantee or ensure their anonymity.”

The university has remained tight-lipped about the allegations and Tuegel would not comment on what allegedly happened to her client. She says that where they go from here, will ultimately be her client’s decision.

“I never discourage them from reporting to police because I think it’s very important and a key part of our system of preventing future violence, but my concern is always my individual client and what’s best for them,” says Tuegel.

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