Kentucky bill would make students-athletes compete in sports based on biological sex

Proposed Senate Bill 114 would make students compete in sports based on biological sex

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky lawmaker, Robby Mills, is pushing a bill that would make students compete in sports based on their biological sex.

Senator Robby Mills tells 14 News that Senate Bill 114, titled “Save Women’s Sports Act,” is supposed to be completely about fairness and should not raise social issue questions. He says its structure is to create fair opportunities for female athletes.

A school will be responsible for determining the gender of the athlete. If it's in question there will be a medical exam requested.

The senator says the bill will allow young ladies to have a fair opportunity to win and lose in sports and have a fair chance at success without having to compete against a male.

“From a fairness standpoint, ya know, having girls compete against girls or ladies compete against other young ladies it seems to be common sense to all the folks in the area that I represent,” Mills said.

Chris Hartman, executive director of Louisville Fairness Campaign, has been advocating against bills like these.

“Trans-athletes want to participate in sports for the same reasons that’s everyone else want to participate in sports," Hartman explained. “To shut trans kids out in the sport that they want to play entirely is inappropriate, discriminatory, and leads to the outrageously high suicide rates."

Senate Bill 114 was filed last Friday and still needs to take its first steps in the legislative process.

Senator Mills tells us it has about five steps it needs to go through in order to get to a senate committee hearing.

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