A look into the new Jasper Elementary School renovations

A look into the new Jasper Elementary School renovations

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Construction is well underway at the new Jasper Elementary School along North Portersville Road.

14 News got a first-hand look at how the roughly $34 million construction project is coming along.

"We wanted to provide adequate classroom space but also small individualized rooms where small groups of students could meet," said Dr. Tracey Lorey, the superintendent of Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools.

Unity and focus are the keywords that Lorey uses to describe the craftsmanship of the new Jasper Elementary School.

“The way the building is designed is that there are academic wings, and within those academic wings are the general regular classrooms and then small group setting rooms where that can be accomplished,” Dr. Lorey explained.

The school is being built right next door to the district's middle school, making it easier for parents to drop off their kids all at once.

“We have two sister schools, one a primary, one in intermediate school that over the years have really started to show their age,” said Dr. Lorey.

It's why students from Fifth Street Elementary School and Tenth Street School are now being combined into one elementary school. With this fresh start, there are also quite a few upgrades.

“Our teachers spend a lot of time in what we call differentiating instruction, and that requires them to pull small groups out to work on one specific skill or enrichment type activities,” Dr. Lorey said.

Making the learning environment more relaxed, and helping students focus. They’re also adding security features for lockdown capability and designate storm areas. For the first time ever, they’ve added a Science Technology Engineering and Math lab.

"STEM is a really important initiative that we have spent some time to develop and having a designated space for that stem area is just another opportunity to give educational experiences and exposure," said Lorey.

This August, students will be able to enjoy these new accommodations.

Dr. Lorey says that having the new school next to the current middle school will also create opportunities for shared learning programs in the future.

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