$240k home rehabilitation project approved

$240k home rehabilitation project approved

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A complete rehabilitation to a home at 101 East Tennessee was approved on Thursday by the Board of Public Works.

A $240,000 grant agreement between Hope of Evansville and the City will completely rehabilitate the abandoned home.

The cost will cover the rehabilitation plus an extensive environmental review, appraisals, and construction drawings.

Some neighbors said the cost seemed too high for a single-family unit in that area. Especially because of the number of nearby thefts and break-ins.

The Director of Metropolitan Development Kelley Coures clarified the project.

“People sometimes don’t understand how Hud funds work," Coures said. "The money we put into affordable housing like this home that hope is going to create a renovated affordable home for a family to purchase. Hud sends us money to do just these kinds of projects.”

These Hud funds are specifically for home renovation projects like this one. This specific location was chosen because the structure is able to be revived.

Hope of Evansville has a list of qualified people who are waiting for homes to buy.

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