UE marches on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

UE celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Universities across the Tri-State held special events on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The University of Evansville kicked off a day-long celebration for MLK Day with events that let students listen and remember the historic speeches made by Dr. King as Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the original march.

Students and members of the community then came together to join in on the 25th annual reenactment of the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington D.C.

Students from all kinds of organizations completed the march with a new sense of pride for the holiday.

“Seeing the diversity and everyone coming together," said Kenton Crews, a UE student. "Like you said, there’s so many different people and just coming out and supporting. And it’s very diverse. A lot of people that we didn’t even know, ya know. Such a small campus, but everyone from all walks of life are coming together and joining together. It’s awesome to see everyone united.”

Other students that we talked to said that with so much discord in the world today, it was important for them to join in on the march to show strength in unity.

“Part of my personal belief is that everyone was made in the image of God, and so it’s important to me that everyone knows that they are loved, and everybody knows they are worth being loved," said Emma Gion, a UE student.

Students and community members also had the opportunity to attend the keynote speech at the Ridgeway University Center. This year’s speaker was Timothy Evans who is the chief judge in Cook County, Illinois.

Evans has been known for being an outspoken voice for equal opportunities for women and minorities.

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