Case ongoing one year after triple homicide in Owensboro

Case ongoing one year since triple homicide in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - It’s been one year since a triple murder in Owensboro.

On the afternoon of January 17, 2019, OPD officers rushed to the 900 bock of Audubon Avenue where they found four people shot.

The triple homicide shocked the community and set a big investigation into motion to find the killer or killers.

Now, one year later, 14 News got the chance to sit down with Commonwealth Attorney Bruce Kuegel who tells us they’re working through the case, preparing for trial.

“Both Cylar Shemwell and Arnett Baines, they’ve been charged with three counts of murder and also a single count of assault in the first degree,” said Kuegel.

Investigators say Arnett Baines is the one who pulled the trigger, but police say Cylar Shemwell admitted to being at the home that day too.

“These types of crimes they’re just they’re not usual throughout the country," Kuegel said. “And, you know, for it to happen here in Owensboro, it’s even more, more shocking.”

Owensboro police were called to Audubon Avenue for a welfare check and found four people shot inside the home.

The victims were identified as Jay Sowders, Robbie Smith, Chris Carrie and Carmen Vanegas. Vanegas was the only one to survive.

“In this case, the notice of death penalty, that notice has been given for both Shemwell and Baines,” said Kuegel.

He says when working a death penalty case, the evidence is extremely important.

“I’d just like to commend the police department for their investigation and the way that they handled the investigation and the collection of evidence,” Kuegel said.

The commonwealth attorney tells us they’re getting ready for the trial.

“We’re just putting the case together now and, you know, working through the cases," said Kuegel.

Cylar Shemwell is set to have his pre-trial conference on January 27. Arnet Baines’ trial is scheduled to start March 8, 2021.

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