Officials expect big economic impact from local sports events

Officials expect big economic impact from local sports events

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - This weekend Owensboro will host the Kentucky 2A Basketball Tournament and the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association conference.

According to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, those two events combined are expected to pump more than $800,000 into the local economy.

“That’s people that are staying in our hotels," says Dave Kirk with the Convention and Visitors Bureau. “That’s people that are eating in our restaurants. I know the wait at Moonlite last night was super long we found out. And then people spending money. Gas stations that kind of thing and our shops.”

According to Chairmen of the Kentucky 2A Championship, Jeremy Tackett, family and friends have traveled from across the state to support the basketball players.

“There’s eight boys team from across the state and eight girls teams from throughout the state," says Tackett. “We break the state into eight sections. Each sectional champion participates in the state tournament."

Kirk says every hotel in Owensboro is booked. He says that also has to do with another event taking place.

“The Cattlemen’s Association essentially brings people in from all over the country that have cattle that want to learn about what the best practice is with raising those cattle and selling and so forth,” Kirk explains.

The Cattlemen’s Convention will wrap up on Saturday and the basketball tournament will be going on through Sunday.

You can purchase tickets to the basketball tournament at the Sportscenter and you can click the above link to register for the Cattlemen’s Convention.

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