New plans for renovating Huntingburg Regional Airport terminal

New plans for renovating Huntingburg Regional Airport terminal

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - New plans are underway to create more space for the Huntingburg Regional Airport terminal.

“When they come into our community it’s the first thing they see," said Huntingburg Regional Airport Manager Travis McQueen “It’s the first impression.”

Huntingburg Regional Aiport is ready for what leaders are calling a “long-overdue makeover.”

“We’re looking at adding a brand new public terminal that would replace our 1962 vintage public terminal,” explains McQueen.

Renovation plans for the terminal are already underway as McQueen and Dubois County Airport Authority Board President Jim Hunsicker collaborate.

“The footprint will be very efficient, economically driven, and eco-friendly,” says Hunsicker.

The plan is to add more space, making room for a snooze room which is a place for pilots to sleep, showers, a classroom, and offices too.

“When we have a public board meeting, we’re maxed out at 30 people,” says McQueen.

The current terminal holds 20 people. On a given day about 20 to 30 people are flying through here.

“We’re a general aviation airport so we have the families that want to fly into Holiday World and the local corporate businesses that use the airport on a daily basis,” McQueen says.

They hope these upgrades increase the airport’s traffic.

“It’s a win-win I think for Dubois County and for the surrounding community that we have the new terminal,” says Hunsicker.

In about three to five years they hope this 58-year-old building gets its facelift.

“It’s time for an update, it’s time for a refresh,” says McQueen.

McQueen says their budget is around $1 million for the project.

The money will come out of airport revenues. They are also looking at applying for grants.

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