Providence residents dealing with odd water problems after main break

Providence residents dealing with odd water problems after main break

PROVIDENCE, Ky. (WFIE) - A water main break from December is still causing problems for residents.

According to city officials, this break is causing odd water odor, discoloration, and taste.

Providence Water and Wastewater Manager Terry Rice says when water main breaks happen, they have to re-pressurize the cities pipelines. He says when that happens, iron is stripped off from the pipes.

Rice also says that causes iron bacteria to get into the water. The iron bacteria, he says, leaves a taste and a small odor and is harmless.

Officials say this break affected the entire city.

Some neighbors we spoke with didn’t want to go on camera, but they let a reporter taste the water. Neighbors we spoke with say the smell isn’t too bad today. Neither was the taste, but they say it used to be a lot worse.

“We contacted the state right off the bat," said Rice. "The state of Kentucky knows. We’ve been working with them.”

Rice says they’ve been working diligently to fix the issue. He says part of this process is flushing the lines.

“We can’t stress enough that we’re working to get this, cause we don’t want it," said Rice. “Someone said are you going to fix it. Absolutely. We want it fixed. Just be patient with us and let us get this fixed.”

Officials also say water mains do break down due to the age of the pipes.

They say they are in the process of replacing old sewer lines and some of those water lines could be replaced in that process.

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